Moazzam Maqsood

Without doubt Bishkek is beautiful city, to me this city is a dream city. Upon my arrival i was warmly welcome from the owner of company Damir himself. He straight took me to breakfast which was one of the finest experience for me. Overall Damir is very flexible with activities and he was always available when ever I wanted the tour to be arranged. He took me to whole city tour of Bishkek and told me about city. Next day we went to Chong Kemin where he ensured I get the best horse ride with best guide along. Usually people doesn't take you that inside the valley and take you on a very short trip. I had the best time of my life there. Next day we went to Ala Arche and Osh bazar. All the tours were private and he ensured to did his best. I have been travelling arround but guide like Damir is gem of a heart.
My loads of thanks to wishes to this man. Last but not least I did my research in package prices and his prices were the best!

Yui Yamashita

It’s pleasure to have met a nice guy like Damir. He helped me with a lot of things such as transportation, accommodation, giving me a mini tour etc. If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t have been able to have as much fun as I had! I think in a country such as Kyrgyzstan, it is very difficult to travel without local people who speak English or your language unless you speak local language, so I highly recommend that you ask this guy to help you. Also I really appreciate his kindness of taking me to the airport to see me off even though it was midnight. Thank you, Damir. See you again!

Álex Garaizar

Damir is a very friendly and professional guy, he will take good care of your trip. Looking forward to going on a one week tour in Kyrgyzstan. Greetings from Spain!

Minako Mihara

When I've been to Kyrgyzstan, I was helped by him. He is not only kind, and English is very good. Especially, the restaurant introduced by him was so good. I could eat a traditional Kyrgyzstan dish. Thank you so much!

Jessica Lancaster

I got lots of help and the service was good.

Farhan Hashim

Damir is a very friendly guy, highly inquisitive and knowledgeable within the Central Asian region especially Kyrgyzstan. He is comfortable to share all his life experiences even to new people he just met. Look forward to travel to Kyrgyzstan soon!

Nasrullo Tuichizoda

It was a pleasure to meet and talk to Damir. He loves travelleing and tourist and would like to open his own tourism business in the future. He knows all regions of Kyrgyzstan very well, can give great travel tips and can even offer his own services as a guide.

Meyer Patrik

Our guest is a graduate of the best universities in the world, Harvard and Cambridge, for more than 20 years traveled around the world, a very interesting conversationalist with a rich life experience. Thank you very much Patrik for the meeting!

Naoki and Kei

Our trip to the sanatorium of Issyk-Ata with my friends Naoki and Kei.


Damir took a really good care of me during my few days stay in Kyrgystan. He was really helpfull in organizing my time and gave me all necessary advices and informations. It wouldnt be possible to see that much of Bishkek and nearby places. Thank You my friend for everything. You are a great person. You have knowledge education and manners. You are a perfect travel companion and i feel lucky that i was guided by You. Good luck and all the best wishes to You and Your family. You are welcome to Poland and it will be a pleasure to host You. My place in Warsaw is open anytime !!!