Dear friends, Welcome to Kyrgyzstan!

Song Kol

My name is Damir. I want to tell you a little about the creation of Twins. After an 12 year career in the financial sector, I decided to start a new own business. Why? In 2013, my favorite twin boys were born. We were very pleased with the birth of our children, but a year later we began to notice strange behaviors and lags behind the development of children. After two years, we learned that our children have signs of autism. Our efforts to cure children of autism continue, to develop speech and help them live a full life. I changed profession for the sake of children, they give me the motivation to be better. I wanted to create own business for my children and found - tourism services with the name Twins.

Sary Chelek

Kyrgyzstan is a small country in the heart of Central Asia is of great interest to tourists because it is famous for its clean mountain air, centuries-old traditions, unique cuisine and numerous pieces of its territory untouched by civilization. Wild nature with beautiful waterfalls and rapid mountain rivers, falling into the lakes with the crystal clear water will astound You with it’s beauty. Unmatched in its beauty, rich and completely different at all times of the year, Kyrgyzstan is truly a place to remember.

Kөk Zhayik

Travelling around Kyrgyzstan, you can go along the historic roads of the Great Silk Road, which once ran through mountain ranges and river valleys, leaving architectural remnants which continue to impress and awe to this day. You will get acquainted with different peoples who inhabit our beautiful country and hear wonderful ethnic melodies and taste national dishes in a yurt.

Altyn Arashan Gorge

Altyn Arashan Gorge

We offer a wide range of tours exploring some of the most popular tourist routes across this spectacular country: hiking/trekking, horse riding, cultural and ecotours, skiing, city tours, jeeping tours, paragliding, rafting, motorcycle and cycling tours, religious tours.

Lenin Peak

We have a team of dedicated individuals who are as diverse as the great country we live in, but all have one thing in common: our immeasurable love for Kyrgyzstan and passion to share it! We do not offer you standard generic tour packages, but we invite you into our homes as friends, to see the unspoil beauty of Kyrgyzstan for what it truly is!

We warmly and excitedly invite you to Kyrgyzstan - a country of tourism.

Best regards,
Damir Alymbek Uulu