Krzysiek and Piotr Wodzynski

5 reasons why you should travel with Damir:
1. Transport - Kyrgyzstan is a small country but to get to the most beautiful places you need to use individual transport. Usage of public transport is extremely hard and time-consuming option. In the other hand you can use taxi but it's much more expansive and also it takes a lot of time. In that point I want to tell that Damir has really good off-road car.
2. Mountain guid. Because Kyrgyzstan has lack of marked mountain trails it's really hard to don't get lost there and only way to get to the destination is to have mountain guid such as Damir.
3. Kyrgyz food. We've met a lot of travelers whose where really disappointed of local food but we can't tell it about us. Thanks to Damirs knowledge of best places where we could eat our dishes was always perfect.
4. Accommodation. Because of Damir experience we always slept in most beautiful, comfortable and quiet places.
5. Professional service. Damir is kind of really friendship person who can also adjust for your vision of travelling. With him you don't really feel that he is a guid but you feel that he is a true friend.

Gerald and Harriet Byrne
(New Zealand)

Damir drove us over long distances for five days. He was a really carefull skilled driver we always felt safe with.
He speaks good english, is knowledable, and we had wide ranging discussions on many subjects as well as meeting many members of his family something many travelers like us, treasure.
Damir will find you local food, help you organize and buy stuff if you wished. Tell him what accommodation you want whether it be homestay with a bucket to wash out of but maybe a fresh tomato to pick for breakfast, or a hotel of any standard you want. Thanks Damir, won't forget you.

Yogesh Kulkarni

My idea of traveling is to connect with the local people of respective country and hang out with them to extract more information about their living, culture and other interesting facts. Damir, he's The Right Guy if you are looking to explore around the great country 'Kyrgyzstan'. Having born and raised there, he is well versed with the geography. But what makes his different than others, is his passion for traveling and immense repsect for his country and urge to grow the tourism. Also to spread awareness about beauty of this great nation. Leaving a good day job behind and getting into a tourism business which is quite deserted in this area is quite a challenge but Damir has taken it on his shoulders and doing it effectively. Good luck Damir! And would definitely meet again! You made my trip awesome. Take care brother.

Moazzam Maqsood

Without doubt Bishkek is beautiful city, to me this city is a dream city. Upon my arrival I was warmly welcome from the owner of company Damir himself. He straight took me to breakfast which was one of the finest experience for me. Overall Damir is very flexible with activities and he was always available when ever I wanted the tour to be arranged. He took me to whole city tour of Bishkek and told me about city. Next day we went to Chong Kemin where he ensured I get the best horse ride with best guide along. Usually people doesn't take you that inside the valley and take you on a very short trip. I had the best time of my life there. Next day we went to Ala Archa and Osh bazar. All the tours were private and he ensured to did his best. I have been travelling arround but guide like Damir is gem of a heart. My loads of thanks to wishes to this man. Last but not least I did my research in package prices and his prices were the best!

Yui Yamashita

It’s pleasure to have met a nice guy like Damir. He helped me with a lot of things such as transportation, accommodation, giving me a mini tour etc. If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t have been able to have as much fun as I had! I think in a country such as Kyrgyzstan, it is very difficult to travel without local people who speak English or your language unless you speak local language, so I highly recommend that you ask this guy to help you. Also I really appreciate his kindness of taking me to the airport to see me off even though it was midnight. Thank you, Damir. See you again!

Álex Garaizar

I booked a 9-day trip with Damir and, thanks to his knowledge, friendliness and hard work, it has been a truly enjoyable and unforgettable experience! I was looking for an authentic cultural and nature experience and couldn't be happier. We did North of Issyk Kul, amazing mountains in Jeti Oguz, south of Issyk Kul (with fairy tale canyon), superb horse riding in Song Kol, great trekking to Kol Tor and a taste of the South including a boat ride in fantastic Sary Chelek lake! Overall, totally recommendable to visit Kyrgyzstan and I can't imagine a better option than to do it with Twins: great value for money and complete personalisation of the trip. Enjoy!!

Jules and Cholpon

We had a great 5-day trip with Damir. We went from Bishkek to Sary Chelek, spending two nights camping near the lakes. The best part was that Damir is very flexible, so we could make changes to the plan as we learned more when we reached Kyrgyzstan. He worked with a good local guide who took us hiking around the lakes in Sary Chelek. Having a guide is the best way to see Kyrgyzstan as you get to places you'd otherwise struggle to find or reach and you get meet local people much easier.

Minako Mihara

When I've been to Kyrgyzstan, I was helped by him. He is not only kind, and English is very good. Especially, the restaurant introduced by him was so good. I could eat a traditional Kyrgyzstan dish. Thank you so much!


Jamie and Daniel

We are very glad to have engaged Damir for a 8-day tour around the beautiful Kyrgyzstan. Prior to the trip, Damir was very helpful and responsive in answering all our questions. He also made sure to check in with us before our flight and when we landed in Bishkek.
Damir was also able to accommodate to our requests and change the itinerary accordingly, which was great. He is very knowledgable about the country and was very willing to share with us information about Kyrgyzstan. Damir is a good driver and he made sure that we get from places to places safely every day. He also brought us to local restaurants and introduced to us Kyrgyzstan's cuisine which we enjoyed a lot. Damir is also very friendly and welcoming; after the trip, we felt like we had made a friend in Kyrgyzstan.
We had an excellent time in Kyrgyzstan, thanks to Damir's warm hospitality! Kyrgyzstan is a really beautiful place.

Farhan Hashim

Damir is a very friendly guy, highly inquisitive and knowledgeable within the Central Asian region especially Kyrgyzstan. He is comfortable to share all his life experiences even to new people he just met. Look forward to travel to Kyrgyzstan soon!

Nasrullo Tuichizoda

It was a pleasure to meet and talk to Damir. He loves travelleing and tourist and would like to open his own tourism business in the future. He knows all regions of Kyrgyzstan very well, can give great travel tips and can even offer his own services as a guide.

Meyer Patrik

Our guest is a graduate of the best universities in the world, Harvard and Cambridge, for more than 20 years traveled around the world, a very interesting conversationalist with a rich life experience. Thank you very much Patrik for the meeting!

Azimbek Abdumalikov

안녕하십니까 저는 이번에 키리기지스탄에 TWINS여항사를 통해서 여행을 하고 왔습니다. TWINS 가이드임 다매르형은 정말 진절하게 해주셨고 아주 좋은 구격을 시켜주셔서 톡분에 큰비용도 들지 않게 잊지 못할 주억을 만들고 왔습니다.
저는 정말 다른 분들에게도 이 TWINS 여행사를 이용해보시는것을 추천드립니다.
가이드님 다메르형도 사람이 좋고 안전하께 좋은 여행을 시켜주십니다.
이번에 저의 여행은 시간이 잛아서 나중에 다시 한번 길게 이슼 꿀까지 갈생각입니다. 이번 여행은 정말 좋았습니다. TWINS 가이드 다메르 형 정말 감사합니다.

Eldad Keha

Best guide in Kyrgyzstan. Honest man, great price and took us to the best places in Kyrgyzstan on a very tight schedule! We can't wish for a better guide in the country. Thanks a lot Damir for everything!